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February 6, 2017

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February 6, 2017

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Bereavement and Loss, and why we shouldn't listen to 'advice'

November 25, 2018


I was writing  about bereavement, loss and grieving. I'd spent a lot of time writing this blog and when I went to upload it, the document  was blank! Couldn't recover the document. Everything about the document was lost.


This document represented my ideas, experiences and thoughts on bereavement, loss and grieving. It contained quotes that I thought captured the experience. I thought it was a good article that might have helped people understand something of the process of loss. 


Isn't it kind of ironic that when I decided to write a blog about loss, that I lost everything that I'd written????


Doesn't life present us sometimes with experiences that we'd rather not have, but that could be beneficial in the long run?


So, this is not going to be the original post that I'd written! But it's the 'here and now' one.



I came across a quote (I'm sorry that I don't know who to ascribe it to) that resonated with me.


'Grief is the bridge between past, present and future'.


A bridge is a way across to something that would otherwise be unreachable. A chasm, a mountain, a river. The bridge is a way to get from where I am to somewhere that I want to be but can’t reach.


The first step onto the bridge marks a leaving of where you’ve been, and a step to somewhere you’ve never been before. The step on and off mark both a leaving of something behind and venturing into something new.


This is sad, scary, anticipatory, regretful, exhilarating, terrifying, resisting, hopeless, empty, despairing, unending,


When we move forward in a new way, we have to leave something behind. Whether that’s