Anxiety is fact of life! Everybody experiences it at some time. For most of us though, it’s something that we’d rather not have, and mostly consider it to be a negative experience. When it’s looked at like this, then it’s not surprising that it’s something that we try to rid ourselves of. ‘I want to get rid of my anxiety’ is a common thing that people say to me as a therapist. However, lets consider some of the reasons that we experience anxiety – the ‘purpose’ of it, if you like. Imagine a world where you never felt uneasy, never felt a bit nervous, never felt unsettled, never felt frightened. Some may say this describes Utopia. Yet, feelings of unease, anxiety, and fear keep us alert to da

I don't need counselling - do I?

I don’t need counselling – do I? Often counselling is seen as something that people go to when they need ‘fixing’, when something is wrong, or when they ‘can’t cope’. This can sometimes be seen as a sign of weakness or failure of some kind. No wonder you might may be reluctant to try it, especially if you think that you are going to be judged about it! What are your perceptions about counselling? Do you think that you are going to be ‘analysed’? Or that the therapist is going to give you answers or tell you what to do? Do you see it as a sign that you are ‘less than’ in some way? Do you think that you need to have some kind of ‘condition’ like anxiety or depression before you can come along?

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