Mindfulness has its roots as a Buddhist spiritual practice for the last 2,500 years. Fast forward 2,500 years and the word is springing up everywhere. So, is this just another fad? Well, it seems not. Brain scanning has allowed scientists to see what is going on in the brain when individuals are engaged in different mental tasks. When an individual is engaged in Mindfulness practice, this shows activation of different areas of the brain that are associated with with self-regulatory processes, planning, problem solving, memory and learning, and with deactivation of areas that are responsible for reacting to threat. So we become more able to engage in focussed, concentrated mind activity, and

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What’s in a name? Hello and Welcome to my website. I hope to keep you all up to date with any courses that I am running. ‘The Embodied Therapist’, and ' Creating Safety in Therapy' have been a great success, and I really enjoyed delivering them. Feedback suggested that they both were a good balance between formal input, experiential exercises and discussion. So for all of you who missed them, look out for the next time they run, as well as new topics. I will also keep you up-to-date on my Facebook page – Synchronicity Therapy. I’m also excited about recommencing my Massage Therapy practice. After a few years’ break it feels good to be back doing bodywork. I have been developing ways to integ

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