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Professional Counselling and Supervision delivered in a calming atmosphere.

Before I tell you about my professional qualifications, I would like you to have a sense of me as a person. Firstly, I LOVE dogs; they have been a source of comfort and fun to me as a child and as an adult. They are both a pleasure and challenge! I have had many, special, dogs throughout my life, all big! (mainly German Shepherds, but also a very dear Scottish Deerhound, who died a few years ago, and whom I still miss dreadfully). I have a German Shepherd at the moment, and we attend an advanced training class with Pet Behaviour Scotland. I also help out at training classes with the same organisation, which gives me an interest that is completely different to anything else that I do. I love it!

I struggle with balancing my creative part with the need to fit in with society... which is hard sometimes and I don’t always manage it very well! I get out of balance too! Like everyone else, I get things wrong and make mistakes.

I have a very interesting garden that challenges me in many different ways that are therapeutic for me! My garden is overgrown and rambling (sometimes very tidy, and sometimes chaotic!!), with many different areas, and sometimes surprises! I love reading, painting and crafts! And I love sharing time with people that I care for and who care for me. I am passionate about the things that I enjoy, and that interest me.


Now for the professional stuff!

I completed my first degree way back in 1977, and then I retrained in Bodywork in the late 80's. 

This ignited my interest in how our bodies are connected to our emotions. I then went on to obtain my BA (Hons) in Psychology, and followed this with a Diploma in Counselling from Strathclyde University’s Counselling Unit in 2000. I furthered my counselling education by completing an MSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Stirling University (in association with Persona Training) in 2011. I also hold a Person-Centred Certificate in Supervision. I have completed training in Process- Experiential (Emotion-Focussed Therapy) at the 3rd level (Supervision) with Prof Robert Elliott at Strathclyde University 2006 - 2008. In 2017, I added to my qualifications in Couples Therapy, graduating in The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Training under Dr Ellyn Bader Ph.D. at The Couples Institute, California.. I also gained certification with the IATP as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and have a Certificate in Neuroscience for Clinical Practice.

I have  over 18 years experience as a trainer in Massage Therapy and Counselling. Training is a part of my work that I love, it challenges me immensely and stretches me to the limit, in a different way to what happens when I am working with clients….it keeps me on my toes and I believe the energy that I get from this nourishes me and allows me to bring energy to my client work. It also provides me with the up-to-date research and training information that keeps me in touch with what is going on. i also run training workshops for qualified practitioners  for CPD.

I receive regular supervision of my work practice and attend regular on-going training to keep me updated and to develop my skills. (and also just because I love learning!).


Maggi McAllister-MacGregor

​MSc; BA (Hons); BSc (Hons); MBACP (accred), CCTP.


I have experience in many counselling contexts. Most of my work is in private practice, but I have also worked in the psychology department within the NHS, and in GP Practice. Previously I have worked in hospices; this work has meant being with the experience of loss: being with bereaved families, and also being with someone who is coming to the end of their life. I have experience working with adults who have been sexually abused as children. Clients that I see come with many different issues including relationship difficulties, abuse, bereavement, anxiety and depression, low self-esteem etc.

As well as counselling, I also offer supervision to Counsellors, Complementary Therapists, Coaches, Psychologists, OT’s, and others working in the caring professions.

My theoretical approach is Person-Centred.

I love my work: I’ve never woke up and thought “Oh no… work today!” as I have in the past with other work. I look forward to meeting whoever comes into my life on that particular day: how wonderful is that!


Counsellors are required to reflect on their practice, and supervision provides the opportunity to do this with an experienced and trusted colleague. Supervision allows a place where counsellors can discuss and explore the issues that arise in the course of working with clients. Although aspects of the counselling relationship may be looked at, the identity of the client is kept confidential, and the supervisor also holds confidentiality within the supervisory relationship.

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